1- Jayalalitha born in Mandya district Mysore Karnataka. Her original name was Komalavalli.



2- Her most of the life doing as film actress and political leader in Tamli Nadu.



3- Jayalalitha will spent her free time in her form house of kompalli Hyderabad.

4- She learnt Bhrathantyam from the of 5th.

5- Her mother Sandhya had motivated her to take up acting at the mere age of 15.

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6- Her first film in Tamil is Vennira Aadai.



7- it was the first film since 1951, to be rated as Adults Only and Jayalalithaa could not watch her film being an underage.

8- Her first debut role in the ‘A’ grade movie was a young widow. How inappropriate debut role it was for a girl who topped in state in Matriculate exam!



9- She is the first actor, acted over a scene where the actress drenches in a waterfall.



10- She loves Shobanbabu during her movie career, but she didn’t marry him.



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11- She likes to read english books she had that books all the time with her.

12- She is also a writer. She was a regular writer in the yesteryear Tamil weekly by name “Thai”.

13- She acted in hindi film named as Izzat it was hit. And also she acted in 28 telugu films and 85 tamil movies.

14- She is the only younger lady elected as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister at the age of 43 in 1991.

15- Jayalalitha complained about the former governor Chennareddy dishonor(misbehaved)  with her in 1992.

16- When her properties cased in 1997 she put a promise to don’t ware gold.

17- She holds the record of Tamil actress with maximum silver jubilee hits in her career.Jayalalitha-with-pen-e1412770082757.jpg