1) What is the difference between touch and tap?

A tap is the equivalent of a click, a rapid touch start and touch end (which counts as ONE event).

A touch can be lingering…you may touchdown, then move your finger to the button, then lifting your finger fires the touch up (inside the button)

2) What are the ways we can create the IPA file ?

In two ways we can create the IPA file.

Through .app file. Initially .app file should be in red color. Once we build the app color will be changed. Open the product folder in our app and right click on .app file and it to iTunes account. Again we need to right click on that file from iTunes. Now it shows as .ipa file. This is one way.

The other way using Product —> Archive.

3) How much data we can send through push notifications?

Earlier we can send 256bytes. From iOS8+ onwards we can send 2KB.

4) What is navigation and what is root for that?

Moving from one view to another is called navigation. UIRootvViewController is the root for that.

5) UIscrollview base class?

UIWebview is the UIScrollview base class.

6) What is iOS?

iOS is an operating system which is used for apple touchable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod.

7) Which Json parser used?

SBJson parser.

8) What is wild card?

Wild card is a certificates. Which is used build the same application in multiple devices. We can not use this certificates for production.

9)Explain about push notifications? process?

If we want to send any updates to our application we can use push notifications. We need .p12 certificates to send the push notifications. And we have 3 delegate methods for push notifications.

DidRegisterRemoteNotificaiton – Here we can get the device token and pass it to our server.

DidRecieveRemoteNotification – Here we can handle code once open that push notification.

DidFailRemoteNotification – If any error will come we can handle here.

From our server we need to send the push notification to APNs server from there mobile can receive the push notification.

10) Can we upload app with wildcard certificates?


iOS Interview Questions Part-1